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Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Upgrading to Fedora 9

The desktop has been upgraded. So far, the following problems have been found:

  • NVidia 96.43.05 drivers don’t work. Two reasons: 2.6.25 kernel and snapshot X version are not supported. Unofficial patch is available for the kernel, and X can be downgraded.
  • Firefox 3 is in beta stage. Therefore at least Google Toolbar plugin is not yet available. However, the Firefox 2 plugins can be run, by tweaking the configuration.
  • The smbclient parameter -A doesn’t work at the moment. Therefore auto.smb routines can’t be used. Modify auto.smb to use username/password in the parameters, or use fusesmb instead.
  • Picasa doesn’t work. The fix can be found though.

So, I really can’t recommend for upgrading yet. Fedora 9 seems to be stuffed too much beta and pre-release versions.

Edit: Firefox 3 is released and available.

Edit: Upgraded the nVidia Quadro4 380 XGL to nVidia GeForce6200 512MB (cost 42 €) to get the 173.14.09 drivers working (+ compiz now works with dual head too). Also 96.43.07 drivers are now available, but not tested here.

Edit: All the flaws have been worked around, and the Fedora 9 upgrade is recommended.