Media PC Fedora 7 upgrade

The operating system has been upgraded from Fedora Core 6 to Fedora 7 by using the instructions on YUM Upgrade FAQ.

The infamous libata update didn’t cause any problem, as the LVM disks were used. However, there were some problems, but none of them were unsolved.

ATrpms naming

ATrpms repository had a problem with the naming. The Core has been dropped off from the Fedora name, and ATrpms gave the following error:

Error: Cannot open/read repomd.xml file for repository: atrpms

The file/etc/yum.repos.d/atrpms.repo has been updated by removing the c from the fc$releasever-$basearch:



The following error has been displayed:

Transaction Check Error:

  file /usr/lib/ conflicts between attempted installs of faac-1.25-2.fc7 and libfaac0-1.25-2.fc7

Somehow the AAC audio encoder faac-1.25-2.fc7 gets to be installed from freshrpms instead of ATrpms. To resolve this, run the following command:

yum upgrade libfaac0

This causes the dependency faac to be installed from ATrpms instead of freshrpms.

Nvidia drivers

Nvidia drivers didn’t work at all, so the everything has been uninstalled:

rpm --erase $(rpm -qa *nvidia*)

And after that installed the latest drivers:

yum install nvidia-graphics100.14.11

Notice that nvidia-x11-drv-100.14.11-1.fc7 comes from freshrpms, which might cause problems later, don’t know. However after everything has installed, the latest working FC6 xorg.conf has been restored.

GANT Theme

The Arial font is needed for the GANT theme. Install them from:

rpm -Uv

16:9 aspect ratio

As the Xorg 7.2 (reported as version 1.3.0) uses Xinerama all the time, the aspect ratio is set by mythtv database. It can be changed by using mytweb settings page. Select your host and change XineramaMonitorAspectRatio to 1.777 for 16:9 TV aspect ratio.

That can also be done by the following SQL command:

UPDATE settings SET data = '1.7777' where value = 'XineramaMonitorAspectRatio' AND hostname='yourhost';

That’s it. Now I’m enjoying the new Fedora 7.